Sherman Clinical Research is located within the office practice of Summit Pulmonary and Sleep, the office practice of Dr. Muqdad Zuriqat and Dr. Irfanullah Yusufzai. Our office is conveniently located across the street from Wilson N. Jones Hospital ER. Our facility has easy parking access and an easy-for-patients, first-floor entryway.

Research Center front end
Clinic Room

Our center has five exam rooms, one spacious monitoring room, and a theater-style waiting room.

Our monitor room can accommodate up to four monitors.

The theatre-style waiting room is equipped to keep patients comfortable for 12-hour visits, with plush leather recliners, a large-screen television, Wi-Fi, and Texoma delivery access.

For overnight studies, we have quiet convertible patient rooms with rollaway beds for patient comfort.

Waiting Room
Office Room

Our laboratory is fully fitted with a refrigerated and ambient centrifuge, incubator, -20° freezer, and -80° freezer for laboratory specimens. Our center is experienced with complex laboratory processing and maintaining PK aliquots on-site for extended periods of time. -20° and -80° Freezers are monitored with min/max temperature probes, which are logged daily.

Sherman Clinical Research has an on-site pharmacy, which is temperature and humidity controlled. Medications are double-locked and secure to site staff only. The site has two investigational product refrigerators that are monitored with a continuous temperature probe, which is logged daily, with full reports downloaded monthly. The ambient investigational product is monitored with a min/max probe and logged daily.

All study documents are archived on-site for a minimum of five years and later moved to an Iron Mountain location. Study documents are kept in a secure, locked, temperature and humidity-controlled location for the integrity of documents.